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Hormone Replacement in Topeka, KS

Don't let menopause change your body and rob you of your vigor for life. There is a pathway to achieving improved health and wellness. The professionals at our clinic employ hormone replacement therapy techniques for both males and females. Our local hormone replacement clinic uses the methods created by the established field of bioidentical hormone replacement. The licensed and insured professionals at our clinic create a custom system designed just for you, based on your current hormone levels and what your numbers should be.
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Female Hormone Replacement Improves Your Bodily Rhythms

Members of the community turn to us to help them get through the trying time of menopause. Women's bodies experience dramatic hormone changes during this stage of life. Every women experiences different level of symptoms, but some are challenged by excessive mood swings and more. We don't just treat the symptoms of menopause, but rather we balance the hormones which cause these symptoms.
Throughout the years, we have worked on various types of patients who are experiencing menopause, perio-menopause, or post-menopause. The hormones we create and administer to our clients are made from plants, such as soybeans or yams. Turn to a cost-effective and safe type of female hormone replacement for your body, so you can recover from the following symptoms:

 Hot Flashes
 Extreme Fatigue 
 Problems Staying Asleep 
 Decrease in Ability to Concentrate
 Feelings of Depression 
 Night Sweats
 Dramatic Mood Swings 
 Hair Loss or Thinning Hair
 Dizzy Spells 
 Increase Allergy Symptoms 
 Anxiety Leading to Feelings of Panic
 Vaginal Dryness
 Problems Falling Asleep 
 Loss of Focus 
 Weight Gain 
 Bloating with Extreme Discomfort/Pain 

Male Hormone Replacement for Andropause or Low Testosterone

Many men suffer from andropause without even realizing they have a condition that can be cured. If you have noticed uncomfortable changes in your body, it is possible you are suffering needlessly. Men of a certain age experience what is called andropause, which is a reduction in testosterone levels. Our clinic offers male hormone replacement therapy, or Low T therapy, to our male clients.

The therapy we offer can dramatically better your quality of life. Within a few short weeks, it is possible to feel renewed energy levels, sex drive, and mood swings. In one short appointment, our experts will ask you questions about your lifestyle, check your hormone levels, and determine the right hormones for your body. Let us relieve you from the symptoms of andropause, such as social withdrawl, weight gain, and irritability.

What Is Bioidential Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

We are pioneers in the fields of health and wellness with our ability to provide bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for our clients. Our professionals don't just treat the symptoms of menopause or andropause, we get to the root of the problem by balancing your levels and changing your quality of life.

Our treatment method is also know as "Natural Hormone Therapy," which uses hormones derived from plant chemicals that are chemically identical to the hormones in your body. As people age, their bodies reduce the amount of hormones produced and this can lead to serious side effects. With a blood test, we will determine your current hormone levels and devise a custom treatment plan for you

Local Hormone Replacement Clinic that Cares

Both men and women seek out our services for life events that affect the body's natural hormone balance. Some of the most common conditions we can help you correct are low testosterone and menopause. Restoring your body's natural balance will increase your stamina, decrease your anxiety, and even help you sleep better. If you believe you need help, book a free consultation with our team to discuss your symptoms and treatment for hormone replacement in Topeka, KS.

Contact us today to learn more about hormone replacement and how it can change your life for the better. We are proud to serve clients in Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding communities.